I love this website and the support and feedback I get from admins/founders/coders/moderators

Everyone is extremely respectful and any loss of time when a hack is down, you get compensated for it.
The hacks are wonderful and easy to use and consistently work.
I bought another 3 months worth of VIP to see how far I can go and support the team.
If I had the time, I'd gladly apply to be a service agent, but sadly I do not.

I would recommend everyone to purchase the membership and give it a try, as $20 isn't really much, specially with all the hacks they offer. I think it's a reasonable and wonderful deal.
Hacks are easy to use and user friendly. I highly suggest them.

I might purchase BF5 and see how well it goes, and if I do, I will leave a review of it here.

Otherwise all the hacks I've used so far are wonderful and fulfill my requirements.