Thread Title: "[IMPORTANT] Illusion Hacks partnership with 187ci community | NEW HACKS AND GAMES"

Dear Community,

I'm pleased to announce a partnership between Illusion Hacks and the 187ci gaming community.
As you might know, we couldn't provide you with the latest game hacks. The reason behind this is that we had limited resources and time.
A partnership will allow us to develop new cheats and maintain the old game hacks while still remaining undetected.

The current site will remain as it is, no changes will be made. But the whole "operations" will be moved to the website. Please register at this site, and if any questions occur, please contact us at discord.
We do promise that every single old Illusion Hacks customer will have a 50% off coupon code for the first purchase till 2021. To get this coupon code, please contact us via discord.

With a group of coders, we will be able to provide game cheat for the latest games available on the market. Both sides see this as a huge opportunity.

See below games marked for 2020/2021:

Battlefield 4
Battlefield 1
Battlefield V
Star Wars: Battlefront II
Classic COD4
Classic BO
Classic MW2
Classic MW3
Classic Battlefield 3
Classic TF2
Classic CS:S
Classic CS:GO
Classic L4D2
Classic BF2/Project Reality
CODMW2019 (Call of Duty: Warzone)
World of Tanks
World of Warships
CS:GO Legit including Leagues bypass
CS 1.6 Legit including Leagues bypass

Apex Legends
EFT Radar
EFT Multihack
Arma 3


I want to thank everyone who has supported us over the past years. Without a great community like ours, this wouldn't have been possible. We will continue this project as long our community will continue using our game hacks. Long life IH 2007-2050!

And remember! Don't stop getting better!

Illusion Hacks Staff